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Looking out for you in your time of need 
Services for You 
Services for your business 
Employment Law 
Landlords and tenants 
Looking out for you in your time of need 
Services for You 
Services for your business 
Employment Law 
Landlords and tenants 
A living together or cohabitant agreement is a legal document that allows unmarried couples who live together to secure their finances. Not only it can clarify how you intend to maintain your everyday expenses while you live together, but can also protect you and your partner in case the relationship breaks down, avoiding the chance of future disappointments or disputes. When it comes to important matters such as housing and children's arrangements, married couples benefit from a number of rights and legal protection. This is not the case for unmarried couples, which is why a cohabitant agreement is worth discussing with your partner, should you wish to buy a property or move in together. An agreement can formalise how you share certain expenses and what will happen to your finances and assets if you and your partner separate or one of you gets ill or passes away. This has become an extremely popular option among unmarried couples living together, which are remarkably increasing every year. 
Issued by the Court, a Prohibited Steps Order (PSO) prevents a parent from carrying out certain activities relating to a child. It can be useful when parents face specific issues or are unable to agree on their children's arrangements.  
What can a Prohibited Steps Order do?  
You can apply for a PSO to stop an individual from various acts including changing a child's name, taking them out of the country or removing them from school. It doesn't apply just to parents, as it can be made against anyone regardless of their relationship to the child. 
A Prohibited Steps Order is made under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989. You will need to file a C100 application form and prove that you have tried mediation with the respondent. The application can be made either within existing proceedings or independently as a free-standing case. The Court will then examine the reasons behind your claim. In case of an imminent threat to your child, you can make an application for an emergency PSO, providing that you have strong evidence for the case. This means that the application is filled without notice while the respondent may not be aware of the application. 
Denise Pinder a well renowned family law executive in Manchester has joined mwg's family law department. Denise brings an abundance of experience and will be an integral part of the family law department at mwg. Denise has particular expertise in dealing with divorce, separation and matters involving children as well as financial settlements. Denise will be working from our Manchester office and will also be conducting a weekly legal surgery for the local community to address their family law concerns.  
Denise Pinder says " I am pleased to join a reputable local firm like mwg and excited to be a part of their family law department. I am looking forward to working with Irfan munir and Salman Iqbal. Irfan Munir partner at mwg said" We are continuing to expand our family law department and Denise's appointment is another step towards providing an excellent customer experience to our family law clients. We are excited to have Denise on board and Denise will be a great asset to have in our family law department. 
The family team at mwg is Dynamic yet we also understand how delicate family law matters can be and just how much is at stake. Our understanding family team will ensure that you go through as little hassle as possible. 
In their 1759 satirical assault on the naïve optimism of the philosophy of enlightenment, Candide, ou l’Optimisme, Voltaire pits optimism directly against misfortune. If this is the best of all possible worlds, they ask, what then are the others? 
One must be careful not to assume that because something exists, it is the best possible thing that could exist. Things can be well, but not the best. Things can be otherwise than as they are, they are not the best they could possibly be, yet. 
Yet is the operative word. 
So it is with the recent case of Akhter v Khan, which immediately garnered headlines such as “English law applies to Islamic marriage, judge rules in divorce case”[1]. That prospect, expressed only by the headlines, was greeted with widespread support. The space between something happening and that something being the best possible something is wide and deep. 
The judgment in the recent case of Akhter v Khan is careful to point out that it is not saying that English law applies to Islamic marriages. The sort of optimism that could cause one to view this decision as being the best of all possible decisions will lead to disillusionment. Of immediate note, amongst several things which caveat this decision, is that there remain higher courts to which this matter may yet ascend. 
Mr Justice Williams, giving their judgment, was clear “What this case is not about…is whether an Islamic marriage ceremony (a Nikah) should be treated as creating a valid marriage in English Law. In fact, the main issue as it has emerged is almost diametrically the opposite of that question: namely whether a Nikah marriage ceremony creates an invalid or void marriage in English Law.”[2] 
The difference, while appearing on the face of it to be semantic only, is important and in fact the making of such a distinction is where the optimism that perhaps could be associated with this decision stems. Again, such optimism should be cautious where it exists at all. 
MWG Win the Best in Law Award at The Asian English Business Awards. 
The 7th Annual English Asian Business awards were held in Manchester at the Mercure Hotel. The event was attended by Many Businesses from all over England. MWG were awarded with the 'Best in Law' Award at the Asian English Business Awards 2018.In attendance from MWG Solicitors were Duncan Lanser, Daniyal Ali, Arif Munir and Ali Mirza. 
Speaking on this Achievement Irfan Munir said " All praise to the All-mighty! I am honoured and humbled to achieve this award and join past recipients who I have long respected. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition of my efforts because I am certain that every nominee for this award was just as capable, if not more of winning it. Thank you " 
Arif Munir said " Extremely proud of my MWG Family for winning the 'Best in Law' Award at the Asian Business awards". 
Speaking to the Media on the night Daniyal Ali said " We are honoured to have received this award, the firm has worked very hard for the past 10 years, and it is a great feeling to be recognised, lets hope this continues into the future". 
MWG Solicitors became the latest local business to support a lifesaving initiative aimed at protecting local communities against the threat of cardiac arrest. The partners of the firm working along with Lifepad solutions have sponsored the latest defibrillator to be installed at Tesco Extra Petrol station at Handforth Dean. Furthermore, as part of the sponsorship package, they also donated an additional defibrillator to Tytherington Juniors FC.Irfan Munir partner at MWG said, “We pride ourselves as a company to be heavily involved in community initiatives especially those that save lives”. “To know that we are protecting people’s wellbeing against the threat of cardiac arrest is an amazing thing”. 
We are pleased to announce that a landmark decision has been made against Uber. The Employment Tribunal has decided that Uber drivers are workers and therefore entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay. 
MWG Solicitors in association with UPHD (United Private Hire Drivers) are representing in excess of 50 claimants who are demanding workers’ rights consisting of minimum wage and holiday pay. 
According to government figures Deposit's valued upto £300,000 were unsecured in the first quarter of 2017. Many Landlords across the country are breaching tenancy deposit rules by not securing the tenants deposit in a deposit protection scheme. This breach can prove to be very costly for Landlords as failing to protect the deposit would allow the tenant to claim compensation upto 3 x the amount of their deposit. Failure to register your deposit within 30 days of receipt as well as providing the correct prescribed information within 30 dasy of receipt would mean you may be entitled to a claim under the Housing act 2004. 
Tenants are in a position to claim compensation if the Landlord: 
• Takes too long to place your tenancy deposit in a protection scheme 
• Does not provide you with information in regards to the tenancy deposit protection scheme 
• Does not place the tenancy deposit in a protection scheme 
If you believe your Deposit has not been protected or you did not receive the prescribed information within 30 days, then start your claim here 

Corporate Social Responsibility  

We believe that as a business we have a corporate and social responsibility to aspire towards good environmental practice, support our community and take part in humanitarian efforts and this is what makes us different. We believe it is our duty to ensure our actions result in securing a better future for generations to come. 
We are determined to reduce our environmental impact and ensure we recognise the impact our operations will have on the environment. We encourage our staff to reduce the wastage of energy and disposing of recycling materials appropriately. 

MWG in the community 

We have done and continue to take part in fundraising, sponsoring sports teams, events and making charitable donations: 
We have been supporting Human Appeal for 9 years raising over £100k 
We took part in the Great Manchester run in support of Francis house 
We raised money for Cancer research UK by taking part in the Manchester Winter run 
We Held an event in honour of Manchester’s taxi drivers 
We believe it is vital to build relationships within the community, our efforts have seen positive effects on the most vulnerable in the society. We believe in raising voices for issues and taking part in charitable events and opportunities that allow us to engage with the local community. Whether it is individually or as part of a team, our employees have undertaken various initiatives to serve the community through fundraising marathons, preparing food packs for Manchester's homeless community, giving up their time to provide free legal advice, hosting question and answer events to address issues within the community.  
Our employees are encouraged to get involved in supporting the community. | Winter run 2016 
MWG hosted an event held in honour of Manchester's taxi drivers | February 2017. 
Honourable judges in attendance , left to right: Abid Mahmood, Ahmad Nadim, Ghazan Mahmood. Took part in an open Q&A session to address all legal concerns of Manchester's taxi drivers. 

Diversity and Equality 

MWG is highly committed to promoting diversity and equality within the workplace. 
We firmly believe in equal opportunities and ensure all our employees receive equal access to training, promotion, service and employment terms and conditions. Our vision on diversity is to appreciate and acknowledge the differences in individuals. We value individuals and actively welcome people from a variety of backgrounds. 


We are highly committed to leading the way in promoting workplace equality, providing equal opportunities, as well as ensuring diversity in our organisation. 
Assist and encourage employees to realise their potential 
Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment 
Creating a workplace where there is mutual trust and respect and where each member of staff feels responsibility for the performance and reputation of the firm 
Work towards developing a diverse organisation, where every member feels valued 
Some of the team at MWG 

Stay Connected with MWG 

Building upon the firm's impressive success in the south Manchester area, MWG is all set to continue its growth by expanding out to Rochdale in an attempt to cater to clients north of the city. The new Rochdale branch will be fully operational from April 2017 and the firm will look to replicate the success of its Manchester branch via a combination of building deep connections across the business and legal sectors and the utmost dedication of our team. MWG specialises in providing clear and accessible legal advice to individuals and business clients across the full spectrum of legal services. 
MWG has continued to prioritise in order to maintain its high level of service to each and every client, and to optimise that service, whether the client is a leading company or a private individual. As well as being equipped to advise businesses on the challenges of current and upcoming markets, and taking into account its clients' ongoing legal requirements, the firm also has a clear strategy for its own growth.  
The decision to expand into Rochdale has been a strategic one. The new office will be located in Rochdale town centre's East street, ideally placed for local business owners or residents, who can benefit from MWG's multi-discipline legal solutions. It is also part of MWG's long term strategy. The firm has grown to the point where MWG has the ability to service any area of law and takes pride in the fact that anyone who seeks its advice, regardless of the size and complexity of their transactions, receives the same high level of partner-led care and attention. 
In addition, MWG's multilingual team also offer immigration law advice to individuals and families in an environment that makes them feel as comfortable as possible and are committed to maintaining this support throughout the duration of their instruction.  
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