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Employment Law Solicitors in Manchester and Lancashire

With offices in South Manchester and Lancashire we are experts in Human Resources and Employment Law operated by people who understand the practical difficulties of running a company.

We offer a totally reliable service, priced at the most competitive rates, designed to cover all your employment law & health & safety needs.

Companies of all sizes are able to afford their own personal direct access to specialist HR advice, with Employment Law representation and Health & safety guidance. Every day companies like yours are taken to Employment Tribunal. These are not uncaring employers – they are ordinary people just like you trying hard to run their business whose lack of detailed knowledge of current Employment Law & health & safety rules leave them vulnerable & open to claims from staff.

Recent figures show there were a just over 83,000 claims submitted to Tribunals across the country that’s over 200 per day! Can you afford to take that risk and be on the receiving end of a successful claim?

We understand that running a business is difficult enough in these tough times without having to worry about staffing issues. Many businesses tend to spend a lot of time on activities which do nothing to improve their profits. By outsourcing your employment law; human resources, Health & safety, you can continue to concentrate on your main activities.

We can help you make your processes and procedures more efficient leaving you more time to concentrate on running an effective business.

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WHY DO I NEED EmpLaw Assist?

There is no getting away from the fact that employment law and Health and Safety legislation directly affects the day to day running of your business. You must ensure that you are legally compliant and in addition go the extra step to protect your business against any claim that could ultimately lead to your business struggling to operate due to the amount of compensation awarded against you.


Whilst we cannot promise you won’t have claims made against you, we can however guarantee that in the event of a claim being made by one or more of your staff, we will put you in a position where it will make it extremely difficult for any claim to be successful – We offer answers, step by step advice, guidance and expert representation helping you to solve all types of employment & health & safety problems; all you need to do is simply take out a package which suits your needs.

Emplaw assist offer a wide range of services to help you effectively deal with your day to day staffing issues. We provide:

  • A dedicated 24/7 Employment Law Advice Line to give you the support you need
  • All documentation including Contracts of employment, handbooks and model letters
  • Guidance on conducting disciplinary/grievance hearings/redundancy processes and procedures
  • Sales/acquisitions of businesses (Transfer of Undertakings)
  • On-site consultancy on any employment law or Health & Safety matter
  • Chairing of meetings/Hearings
  • Legal Representation at Employment Tribunal
  • Indemnity against Employment Tribunal awards

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