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By law if you have staff you have to take out employer’s liability insurance. It would be easy to think that because you have this cover, you can forget about your responsibilities in terms of health and safety towards your staff, however, this would be incorrect; You are still obliged to carry out risk assessments that are suitable and sufficient regardless of the number of staff you employ.

You must take all reasonably practicable measures to protect your employees and report incidents. If your insurer believes that you failed to meet your legal responsibilities for the health & safety of your employees and that this has led to the claim, the policy may enable the insurer to sue you to reclaim the cost of the compensation.

If you have five or more employees your health & safety policy and risk assessment must be documented to comply with current legislation.

Latest figures show that 611000 injuries to employees occurred at work. You simply cannot afford to risk the wellbeing & safety of your staff as it could ultimately cost you your business or worse still; a criminal prosecution leading to a prison sentence.

What we can do for you

  • We will carry out a full audit of your premises and identify areas where compliance is required. This will then be followed up by a report advising you as to what your business needs to do to become compliant. We will then prepare and install your personalised Health & safety management system which will include:
  • Health & safety policy & procedures
  • Organisational Structure and Management responsibilities
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety arrangement procedures & information
  • Employee responsibility, rules & procedures
  • Health & safety records
  • Electrical appliance/equipment/machinery register & maintenance records
  • Fire prevention & control
  • Hazard reporting Procedures
  • Health & safety training (tailored to suit the exact needs of your business)
  • Personal Protective Equipment record & information.
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24 hour health & safety advice line:

You will have access to a ‘round the clock’ advice service to guide you on any health & safety query you may have.


As with our employment law service, we carry out general & bespoke training. These courses can be delivered on your premises if required and are conducted by your nominated Health & Safety Advisor. We can provide both accredited and non-accredited H&S training.


An indemnity policy taken out on your behalf to protect you against all legal expenses incurred as part of any action taken against you.

Legal representation:

We will provide a Solicitor to attend interviews under caution or to defend any prosecutions or enforcements as well as deal with any appeals against improvement & prohibition notices.

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