Housing Disrepair

MWG has helped tenants end years of agony inflicted by their landlord’s negligence and refusal to make relevant repairs in the property. If your landlord has failed to make vital repairs to the property and adversely affected your day to day living or caused you health problems you could be owed compensation. Click here to start your claim online.

MWG’s expert solicitors have years of experience resolving housing disputes. We will ensure your property is restored to acceptable standards and you receive the optimum compensation for your suffering. You are able to claim compensation if you have suffered health issues, were unable to use several areas of the house, had general inconvenience or your household items were damaged.

When can you claim for Housing Disrepair

There are various ways a dis-repaired home can cause you difficulties which may lead to an injury or health problem. Some of the common features of a dis-repaired home are below:

Mould and damp-
Broken windows and doors-
Defective central heating-
Non-functioning drains/pipes

You can also claim for any injuries or health issues that have been caused a a result of a dis-repaired home. Examples of injuries caused a poorly maintained home include:

  • Trips,Slips and falls due to poorly maintained flooring, stairs
  • Aggravated respiratory problems, asthma or breathing difficulties
  • Electrocution
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Cough/cold/pneumonia
  • Gastrointestinal problems

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Your Landlord's responsibilities

Your landlord is responsible for making repairs to the structure and exterior of the building. These repairs could include roofing, windows, sinks, toilets, pipes and draining, gas appliances, heating, electrical wiring and ventilation. Any damage caused internally as result of damaged exterior is also the responsibility for the landlord to fix. It is also to be noted that not everything in the house is your landlord’s responsibility, some of the things such as maintenance of the garden are your own responsibility unless stated in your tenancy agreement.

Why choose us?

The rights and obligations of landlords and tenants are numerous and require careful understanding to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. Our housing disrepair solicitors take the time to understand your requirements and ensure relevant repairs are done how any agreement can best reflect this.

We also understand the difficulties that can be caused when the relationship between landlord and tenant breaks down. Whilst we place great emphasis on ensuring settlement is amicable, this is not always possible and so our experienced solicitors are focused on ensuring that resolving your dispute causes you as little trouble as possible.

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Housing Disrepair Solicitors

We offer a No win No Fee service. We will also provide to you a realistic time frame for the resolution of your dispute and keep you updated with every decision to ensure that action taken best suit your needs.

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