Tenancy Deposit compensation

If your landlord/letting agency has failed in protecting your deposit in a secure scheme or not given you prescribed information within 30 days then you may be entitled to compensation as well the full return of your deposit. If you believe your landlord or letting agency has failed to protect your deposit, get in touch today to see what you’re owed 0161 835 2446.

Over the years Landlord’s and letting agencies have regularly breached the tenancy deposit rules by not protecting the tenant’s deposit in a secure scheme or not giving the prescribed information within the allocated time of 30 days. Unfortunately many tenants are not aware of their rights and entitlement to compensation.

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MWG’s expert solicitors have helped many tenant’s such as students living in private housing to young professionals and families in cities and towns across the UK. Our solicitors are dedicated in ensuring you receive the optimum compensation.

Gathering evidence in support of your claim

Sometimes circumstances may not allow you to physically gather all the evidence. This is where MWG’s expert solicitors can help and guide you in gathering evidence in support of your claim. To gather evidence in support of your case you must:

  • Retain a copy your of tenancy agreement
  • Receipt/Bank statement of deposit amount paid
  • Email correspondence with your Landlord/letting agency
  • Witness statements from Co-tenants

Are you a landlord/letting agency who has failed to protect the deposit?

Due to various circumstances landlords have often been found exposed to the tenancy deposit law. If you are a landlord or letting agency who has breached the tenancy deposit rules and are anticipating a claim from a tenant, you can still get legal advice and guidance to minimise the damage or bring a counter claim against your tenant for any damage, rent arrears or breach of the tenancy agreement . Our expert solicitors can help you negotiate a better settlement. If you wish to get legal advice as a landlord or a letting agency get in touch with us on 0161 835 2446.

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Tenancy Deposit compensation
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Tenant Deposit protection

How much compensation can you claim?

Deposit Compensation (up to)
£500—————— £1500
£600—————— £1800
£700—————— £2100
£800—————— £2400
£900—————— £2700
£1000—————– £3000

It is important to note that these compensation amounts are variable depending on each individual case. Our solicitors will be able to advise you on the estimate amount of compensation that you could be entitled to on your initial consultation.

Tenant deposit compensation

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