Fixed fee services for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorneys and Probate

At MWG Solicitors, we offer a range of fixed-fee services for Wills, Trusts and Probate clients. Call us on 0161 835 2446 to discuss your matter we offer a free initial consultation.
Fixed Fees
Single Will
From £300 +vat
Couple Will
From £500 +vat
Lasting power of attorney (single)
£600 +vat
Lasting power of attorney (couple)
£1000 +vat
Obtaining a Grant of Probate
From £650 +vat
Obtaining letters of Administration
From 650 +vat
Probate disputes/contested wills
From 650 +vat

Please note all prices are exclusive of vat. For lasting powers of attorney, there is a fee of £82 to be made payable to the OPG (Office of the public guardian).

Why choose us?

Our Wills Trusts and probate solicitors take the time to understand your requirements and how any agreement can best reflect this.

We understand the difficulties that can be caused when a loved one passes away, or if a family dispute over inheritance arises. Whilst we place great emphasis on ensuring the settlement is amicable, this is not always possible and so our experienced solicitors are focused on ensuring that resolving your dispute causes you as little trouble as possible.

Wills Trusts and Probate Solicitors

We offer fixed fees for our services that are made clear to you upfront so that you are immediately aware of the cost of our services. We will also provide you with a realistic time frame for the resolution of your dispute and keep you updated with every decision to ensure that action taken best suit your needs. To discuss our Wills Trusts and probate services call us on 0161 835 2446.

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