A deportation order can be issued, if the Secretary of State deems the person’s deportation to be conducive to the public good. The Home Office will automatically pursue a deportation order, if a person who is not a British Citizen, is convicted of an offence and sentenced to a custodial sentence, of 12 months or more

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Deportation Order Factors

When issuing a deportation order, the Home Office will consider the following factors:

1. Age of the individual;

2. Length of stay in the UK;

3. The connections the individual has established during his/her time in the UK;

4. If the person is a persistent offender

5. Any compassionate circumstances that need be taken in to consideration;

6. Nature of offence;

7. Risk of reoffending;

It is at this point we can assist in making legal representations to the Home Office on your behalf. If you have been issued with a deportation order, please contact us.

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