Registering a child under 18 years, as a British Citizen

Are you looking to register your Child as a British Citizen? Our Immigration solicitors in the UK can advise you on all aspects of your registering your Child under 18 as a British Citizen.
This application is in reference to a child being registered as a British
Citizen. A child under 10 years old is not required to show that they meet the good character requirements. Children are also not required to demonstrate
knowledge of English or life in the UK. Such applications require a focused
approach when showing the relationship between child and parent.

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how does a child qualify to register as a British Citizen?
There are different ways for a child to qualify under this route.These are as follows:

– Children born in the UK to parents now settled in the UK or who

have become British citizens

-Children born in the UK to parents who have joined the armed forces

-Children whose parents are in the process of applying for British citizenship

-Children born abroad to parents who are British by descent and

have lived in the UK or an overseas territory

– Children adopted abroad by British citizen parents

How Long will it take?
The average processing times can vary and can take approximately 12
weeks. However, the standard processing times for such applications is 6
months. The Home Office can take longer if they require further

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