Changing your nationality can be considered as a major life event, some
countries do not allow you to hold more than one citizenship. The UK on
the other hand, allows you to hold more than one nationality. There is no
automatic right to becoming a British Citizen. There are several ways to
become a British Citizen, the process itself is known as ‘naturalisation’ for
those 18 years and over. Naturalising allows you to obtain citizenship. This
area of law is complex and we suggest that you contact us, to discuss
your options.

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British Citizenship requirements
You will need to demonstrate that you meet the following requirements:
1.You are 18 years old or over;
2.You are sound of mind;
3.Not married to a British Citizen-
You have resided in the UK
lawfully, for the last five years at the date of application. You need
to show that the UK was your main home, so no long absences
exceeding 450 days during this period and no more than 90 days in
the last 12 months. You will need to wait 12 months after being
granted Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence for EEA
Nationals. You will need to evidence your claim and we will advice
you accordingly.
4.Married to a British Citizen-
You are not required to wait 12
months, if you are married to a British Citizen and you will be
eligible under this route, after three years of lawful residence;
5.You need to meet the good character requirements. This means that
you have not committed serious offences whilst in the UK;
6.You will need to provide details of two referees;
7.You have passed a Life in the UK test;
8.You have completed an approved English test at minimum Level B1.
There are exceptional circumstances where the above tests are not
required. Our experts will advise you whether you required the
English language test or not
British Citizenship Processing Time
The average processing times can vary and can take approximately 12
weeks. However, the standard processing times for such applications is 6
months. The Home Office can take longer if they require further

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