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Family Mediation is a way for separating couples or other family members to amicably resolve their issues without the need for court proceedings. The family members or the separating couple must agree to the appointment of a neutral third party known as the ‘mediator’ who is impartial and has no authority to make any decisions with regard to their issues. There are several issues that can arise and may require mediation these include; Divorce, Separation,Children, property and financial assets.

Our understanding, professional Family Law solicitors in Manchester will ensure that your case is progressed in a way in which it causes you as little distress as possible.To speak to our family department call us on 0161 835 2446.

Why choose us?

Family law disputes often involve a vast amount of finance and assets and the slightest error or oversight can have serious ramifications. Our family mediation solicitors can help separating couples divide their assets without the stress of going to court. Family Law solicitors at MWG have extensive experience offering family law advice to families and individuals on their specific needs and we have seen our attention to detail repeatedly rewarded.

Benefits of Family Mediation

There are several benefits to mediation which include:

  • It is generally considered better if two separating parties can sort out their own arrangements for the future.
  • Mediation can help reduce the stress, tension and hostility as well as improve communication between both parties which ultimately can help avoid misunderstandings.
  • Mediation can help with costs savings as well as time incurred, as going to court can be costly and prolongs the matter.

Do I need to come in and see you?

If you are local to Manchester or Rochdale it is highly recommended that you book an appointment and see one of our family solicitors so we can go through your case in full detail. However, in certain circumstances our solicitors may be able to visit you. We have experience in serving clients nationwide on the full range of relationship issues.

We offer legal help and advice on the full range of Family law issues including:

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Our family law solicitors are able to discuss your case in detail at your initial consultation, this can be arranged over the telephone or in person at one of our offices. The initial appointment will last 30 minutes with a dedicated family law solicitor. If you wish to book an appointment with a specialist Divorce lawyer please fill in the form below.

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