Child Arrangements

In the event that you and your partner are unable to decide as to how much time the children can spend with each parent, the court has the power and authority to make a decision, this is known as a child arrangement order. Our expert family law solicitors will ensure you reach an arrangement that best reflects your needs.

What will the child arrangement order include?

Usually, the child arrangement order will include a parent or an individual with whom the child/children will live. It will also include the names of individuals and parties whom the children can spend time with. Our family solicitors are able to advise you in more detail after assessing your situation. To speak to one of our expert solicitors contact us today.

How can MWG help?

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Why choose MWG?

MWG’s expert family solicitors have years of experience dealing with family law matters and in particular divorce, child arrangements and adoption. We have served clients across Greater Manchester and beyond. Our commitment is to help solve your legal problems. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service, our solicitors will ensure you reach the best arrangement that protects your interests and secures your children’s future.

How long do child arrangement orders last?

Child arrangement orders last until the child reaches the age of 16 or in exceptional circumstances, this could extend till 18 years of age.

Do I need to come in and see you?

If you are local to Manchester it is highly recommended that you book an appointment and see one of our family solicitors so we can go through your case in full detail. However, in certain circumstances which we find ourselves due to covid-19, our solicitors are also booking remote consultations. We have experience in serving clients nationwide on the full range of relationship issues.

Child Arrangement Orders

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