If you have been a victim of domestic violence or abuse, you may be entitled to apply for indefinite leave to remain. You must have been in a relationship with someone who is a British Citizen or holds settled status in the UK. You will be required to show that your relationship has broken down as a result of domestic violence. Domestic violence has a broad definition; it can be classified as an incident(s) of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse. The abuse can take many forms, such as sexual, mental, physical, financial or psychological. You may also be able to apply for a fee waiver if you are considered to be destitute by the Home Office. You will need to provide evidence of this to the Home Office.

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Who can apply under this route?

You are required to demonstrate the following:

– you are in the UK

– you must make a valid application as a victim of domestic violence

– you must meet the suitability requirements. If you do not meet the requirements due to a criminal conviction, you may be granted a further limited leave to remain not exceeding 30 months under D-DVIL 1.2

– You will not be required to pass the Life in the UK test

– You do not have to meet the English language requirement under the Immigration Rules.

What is the processing time for ILR Application for Domestic Violence?

The average processing time is approximately 12 weeks. These cases are not straightforward and complex, so that a decision may take longer. The standard processing time is 6 months.

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