If you are being held in an immigration detention centre, you may be able to apply for Immigration bail. You may be able to apply for bail if you are held in an immigration removal centre, a detention centre or a prison.

We always recommend that you have at least one Financial Condition Supporters when making an application for Immigration bail. Financial Condition Supporters will be responsible to pay money if you abscond or do not keep to the terms of your bail conditions. They will need to be able to attend the hearing.

You will also need to demonstrate that you have a place to stay, and you will be required to provide evidence of this.

If you are refused a bail application recently, you are not able to apply for 28 days.

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Conditions of your bail

If you are granted bail, the Immigration Judge will set conditions that you will be required to comply with. For example, this can be:

– Report regularly at a local immigration centre;

– Be restricted on where you can live;

– Have an electronic monitoring tag;

– Have restrictions on the work or studies;

– Obey any other condition decided by the Immigration Judge.

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