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The making of an Islamic will is an important duty that must be undertaken to ensure family and loved ones avoid unnecessary suffering after you have passed.

If you die without a valid will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with English law. The criteria applied are different than Shari’a and resolving disputes will likely require the assistance of the Court, a process which may incur a great number of costs and which can be highly distressing. To make a Will in accordance with sharia law contact us today or call 0161 835 2446.

Our Islamic Wills solicitors can prepare you a will that complies with Shari’a and English law whilst meeting your wishes.
Writing an Islamic will is one of the most important things you will do and so it is imperative that your will fully reflects your wishes.
Many professionals offer to draw up discounted wills that meet the basic requirements of English law. We take the time to advise you on the consequences of each and every aspect of your will to ensure that your wishes are fully adhered to.

We go beyond drafting your will. Our Islamic Wills solicitors will advise you on any inheritance tax consequences to minimise the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate and to maximise the amount of money that your loved ones receive.

We serve clients all across England

Our specialist solicitors are able to serve clients all across the country. We have already done wills for clients in most major cities. If you are not local to our Manchester or Rochdale office, we can book video conferencing appointments and go through your requirements, whether you are based in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Bristol, Luton, Sheffield or beyond, get in touch with us to book your no-obligation appointment.

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